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I have known Chris with Breeze Mechanical for approximately 10 years now. On my residential properties Breeze has installed four new HVAC systems and made several modifications to systems for building additions or remodels. Breeze continues to be my go-to contractor for HVAC repair because of the service that is provided. Within a short phone call I am able to easily communicate my problem, give an address and contact information of a rental tenant, and explain any sensitivities that need to be considered when contacting a tenant or visiting a property. Even during what has seemed to be some of the worst times of the year to have HVAC problems, Breeze has come through with extremely rapid responses of diagnostics and repair. Poor communication ends some good relationships, but it has remained very consistent with Breeze. From the diagnostic and estimate conversations with Chris by phone to the reports I receive from tenants after his visits, I am very grateful for his communication skills. Regardless of communication, the real reason Breeze is called upon is for servicing HVAC systems. If tenants or my family were inconvenienced multiple times due to misdiagnosis and continuing problems, it would not matter how good communication was. Fortunately, that is not the case. His service continues to be exceptional - he seems to get it right the first time!
This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.
This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
Michael H.


I had called Breeze Mechanical to inspect and clean my A/C to get ready for winter. While he was working I talked to him and mentioned that been having problems with my water heater. Since it’s so old, found out that the electrical that regulated the pilot light was corroding out. I was with him the whole time and in front of me he took it apart and showed me. I ask him if he could recommend someone to replace it. He said I can do it, and it won’t cost much. Being a discount girl I checked around to see how much to replace it and he was the lowest cost.
I called him and he said I don’t have to be home. He was there before I left for work. He started working right away and let himself out and closed the garage when he is done. I came home from work and not only was my new water heater installed. He swept up the floor of my garage and got the oil up from my car. He took the old water heater away and disposed of it too. My water heater works great…!!! I cannot thank him enough. Who knew he did both Home Air Conditioning units AND water heaters too.
Elk Grove


Chris Carlsberg and Breeze Mechanical was recommended to me by one of the top construction companies in Sacramento. Chris came over and gave us an honest assessment of our heating and air-conditioning needs. He provided options. We checked around and found his price to be fair. Before we started work, we knew exactly what we were getting and how much it would cost, unlike other high profile heating and air companies. Chris' company replaced our system, checked all of our ducts and sealed them all, and ensured our attic was insulated. Chris and his company are extremely professional and his work is high quality. It is comforting to have Chris also provide affordable bi-yearly maintenance. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients are happy.
Sent from my recliner


I am very satisfied with Breeze Mechanical I have used him in the past. Chris is professional, honest, neat & clean, and reasonably priced. I have part of the Heating unit in the attic, He noticed a large hole in the duct tubing which the builder never installed correctly. Chris repaired that portion, cleaned out the unit and made sure the entire Heating & Air-conditioning unit worked correctly and efficiently.
I have my own self employed business and have recommended Breeze Mechanical to many of my customers. They all have thanked me for the good reference.
Ray Van Gerwen


Chris had been servicing my Air Conditioning for years. I am older and cannot do much anymore. When I need a plumber or electrician I call Chris. He has a database of home repair of other plumbers, electrician, carpenter etc. that he trust to use. He says over the years that he has been in service. Other home owners talk about their home problems. He has seen honest home repair service people and the other guys. He decided to create a database of recommended people who he would have repair things in his home. So whenever I need someone. If he can’t fix it, he gives me the number of someone HE trust and call them. I been happy with his recommendations.


It was winter and my Heating in my Air conditioner stop working. I look online and found someone to come look at the problem and he said it will cost me about $500.00 to fix it. It was too much for me so I happened to find Breeze Mechanical in the Yellow pages of all places. Chris came out took a look and said it will only cost me $20.00 plus a reasonable diagnosis fee. It part needed replacing. I was so happy. I didn’t have the $500.00. Chris was totally honest about the whole ordeal. I been with Chris ever since.
Michael Torres


My water heater pilot light stop working. To heat my water I had to relight the pilot light each time I wanted to use it. I tried to save money by buying parts to fix it. Nothing work. My wife said to call Chris maybe he could help. I said Oh he is Air Conditioning man not a plumber. So after more headaches I called Chris of Breeze Mechanical to ask him if he could refer a good honest plumber. He said Oh I service those too…! Let me come over and take a look. He ask all kinds of questions about my problem. I took him to the water heater, then he brought out a meter and check the connections. The thermostat leads had corroded. He asked me how long I had it. 18 year I told him. He said since I live in Elk Grove, he knows my hard water had clogged my water heater too. He opened up the valve to release water and nothing came out. Not even a dropped. He also check my pressure relief Valve. It was stuck. He had to use a hammer to release it. It was a dangerous situation.
He told me the cost to replace and I was totally surprise. It was so reasonable I said yes immediately. Well, as if I had a choice haha. Long story short. He brought over the same size gallon heater as my old one and installed it quickly. Now my water is really hot. I love it. Later I cut open my old water heater and had over a foot of sediment in it. Chris saved me money and time.


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